During our schooling, my sister and I would be doing a lot of science projects in exam holidays. Those projects will help us to get an extra credit of ten marks apart from our regular marks especially in our science paper.  So, to get a full score all my friends would be there at our home regularly during the ten days of exam holidays. Both, our Quarterly and Half-yearly holidays was spent in doing some science projects. I’ve always wondered on how to do terrarium for science projects.

Now, Whenever we get to see succulents in the plant nursery, it reminisces our school days.. Today, I’ve planned to do a terrarium with a dessert rose seedlings.

Terrarium diy

What you’ll need:

  1. Glass Jar
  2. Activated Charcoal
  3. Potting Mix
  4. Moss
  5. Pebbles
  6. Saplings
  7. Any miniature toy – I had a miniature ceramic toy at home.

How to do:

First, clean the glass jar thoroughly in soap solution and air dry it. Then, add a layer of pebbles and then cover it with a layer of potting mix. Now, add a layer of activated charcoal and cover it up with a layer of moss. Now, carefully plant your saplings and place your miniature toy.

terrarium diy

It’s ready to deck your study table… Spray water occasionally to prevent from drying.

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  1. Great and innovative work👏

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