There’s an unbound happiness surround us when depicting the scene of Jesus Christ’s birth. It was popularized, way back in the year 1223 by St. Francis Assisi, creating the first nativity scene at Greccio.

how to make Christmas crib with wood.

making a christmas crib

Creating a Christmas crib as part of Christmas celebration is a fun-filled activity with families around.  As always, this year we did a simple manger scene with clay, wooden sticks and date palm leaves.

Here’s how to make easy Christmas crib

christmas crib ideas

christmas crib easy

First, a layer of sand is filled to cover the plastic sheet. Then, a cuboidal structure is made with wooden sticks over the sand layer.

christmas crib diy

We used earthen clay to make wall covering the cuboid to resemble stable. We covered the top with date palm leaves.

how to make Christmas crib using thermocol

When they saw the star, they rejoiced – Mathew 2:10

christmas crib ideas

Merry Christmas to all…

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