Growing your own food is easier than you think. Start with greens and slowly add vegetables. Go organic … It tastes better!! Besides getting fresh vegetables directly from the garden, you get nutrients rich healthy food.

Meet Alex from Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India. The city is renowned for its unique style of painting, called Tanjore painting and the home of famous, the Brihadeeswara temple built by Raja Raja Chola 1.

His father has been a great source of inspiration for the people around who wish to start organic garden. He runs a shop and whenever he finds time amidst his work schedule, he swiftly takes a peek through the garden to water the plants, or add manure to them or get his hands in dirt to remove weeds from the plants.

As there’s a river that runs behind their backyard, the soil over here is fertile and give good yield of vegetables throughout the year. They have radishes, tomatoes, brinjals, ridge gourds, broad beans, bitter gourd, mint, and moringa. They do have a few banana plants at their backyard.  Tomato plants were allowed to go wild and have spread across the garden.

The garden has kept the family engaged and his sons have learned to help father in the gardening work. The more they grow, the more they share with friends and families.

Everything they use in the garden is chemical free and cow manure is used for plants.

Happy gardening!!

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