This is the first birthday for Lazz after our marriage. To make it more special and memorable, I decided to give him 30 gifts on his birthday. 30 gifts for his 30th Birthday!! Sounds interesting… I prepared a list of things that he had always wanted to buy and couldn’t get it in the last moment due to time constraint. What is more exciting than preparing a list of gift items for him?

gift ideas for him 30th birthday It’s not easy to come up with 30 gift items for Men than for Women. I did add some of the things that I loved to the list. They are listed below:

  1. Apparels includes Casual Shirt, T-shirt, Formal shirt, Sweater, Trousers
  2. Accessories include Belt, Sunglass, Socks, Watch, Wallet
  3. Footwear includes Casual shoes from San Frissco, and Floaters from Reebok.
  4. Fragrances from Park Avenue and David Beckham Instinct
  5. A Parker Pen
  6. A mobile and an external hard disk from Sony
  7. Lenovo Tab
  8. Personalized handmade book of happiness
  9. A key chain resembling his Royal Enfield bike and an heart shaped photo key chain with our wedding photo
  10. Handmade Terrarium
  11. A greeting card – I love the age old tradition of wishing by sending cards rather than online greetings. I still have the greeting cards of my friends which was presented on my birthday.
  12. Finally, a couple’s ring and a rose.

I bought some of the listed apparels through online shopping and some directly from stores at Express Avenue. I always have my friend to help me out in shopping. I bought all the gadgets directly from stores.

I took a day off at work to celebrate his birthday. Cleaned up the home and poured a few drops of my favorite lavender oil in the diffuser for a perfect aroma filled rooms. In the evening, I thought of making his birthday a cherished moment by decorating home with flowers and tea-light candles. To spice it up and to keep it more fun-filled, I planned for a treasure hunt game. We used to play this game at Office once a while during Fun-Friday session.

I wrote 30 riddled clues with a special birthday notes in paper, one for each gift. I placed each gifts with the clues and hid them in and around the home. Some of them were kept in places he wasn’t frequent.

gift ideas for him on birthday

As he entered home late at night from office, he was completely awestruck!! I wished him and handed his first clue to begin the game. It took one hour for him to decipher all the clues and to hunt-down all the gifts. Another, one and half hours to unwrap all those gifts…

gift ideas for him handmade

For every gifts, he unwrapped, he felt so happy and astounded to see things that he desired for. This is will remain in our memories forever!

So what did you gift? Comment below…

With Luv,


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