Wow!! It’s been two wonderful years of blogging…

We are stepping into the third year with the same fervor.  Unequivocally, I love this new phase of my life’s journey where every day is being filled with learning new things.

second anniversary

Yeah… Life has changed so much in this last one year and it made me to re-discover my passion to painting. Indeed, it helped me to achieve my dream of launching a propstore for newborn photography. Check out our page elzaprops in Instagram.

Some of the top posts of the year are…

  1. From the vineyard – 3.9 K
  2. Aura of Tranquility –  Star tea estate (STM) bungalow – 2.3 K
  3. Clinique superbalanced silk makeup SPF 15 foundation – 18 silk sable – review – 1.5 K
  4. The Road to Eden – Vythiri resort, Wayanad – 1.1 K

A big thank you to all my readers for their time… Thank you to all my friends for always cheering on me!!

Never give up on your dreams…  Two years down forever to go…

With Luv,


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