We just received a meeting invite from our manager…

It’s a skip meet and it didn’t wonder us as the performance appraisal is around the corner! Only the skip meetings, reminds us about that we are nearing the year and our performance will be scrutinized during appraisal process. It is only during the time, most of them will have time to meet their team.  Literally, I would say, some of them use these skip meets as just a yardstick to measure their team lead’s performances!!

After a long time, today, we met our project manager in the skip meeting. Despite sharing our concerns on a few infrastructural and project developmental issues through a couple of mails, he kept himself occupied with other important works rather than addressing it. I bet, he could hardly remember any of his team member’s name or face! His curiosity to know about his lead’s positive and negative remarks didn’t fantasy us… Thirty minutes vanished in vain.

Image source: Pexels

Do you meet your team? How often do you meet your team? Have you ever taken feedback from your team on how the meeting has been conducted? Is it exciting to them or dreadful to them?

Meetings should build and strengthen the team! It should be engaging and inviting for the team to participate. Here are eight secrets that help to hold a sensible engaging meeting!!

  1. Meeting invite: It’s always good to send out a meeting invite to participants with all details like when and where it’s been scheduled. I remember one of the managers went frantic when one of his lead from other block hasn’t joined the conference call. Hours later that meeting, the lead was like, “Come on dude, I haven’t received an invite to know that there’s a call happening”.  He was right but only the manager couldn’t digest his mistake of missing out his name in the invite. Make sure your meeting invite reaches all requisite participants.
  1. Have defined agenda: Do not ever meet with an undefined agenda! Be clear and precise on why the meeting is for. Create an agenda focusing the key points of the meeting. So, there’s no waste of time. I always ensure to share agenda of the discussion in the meeting invite, that I send to my team. So, both of us get to know the purpose of the meet!
  1. Make it time bound: Be on time and end on time! It is the key for every happy-ended meeting. Your punctuality to every team meetings also matters the most. Being a leader, to be on time is a must and when you fail it sometimes, be apologetic! They do influence your team to be punctual. Be courteous, to schedule the meeting as per team’s convenient time. Do not schedule meeting an hour before log-out time or during lunch/dinner time. It will be dreadful for the team members and you’ll feel the urge to complete. I know a team who always met during the dinner time on a daily basis over an undefined agenda. The meeting would go for an hour which made team members to escalate it to HR. Do not make your team member get furious!
  1. Communicate and Listen: Break the monotony and help your team to open-up discussion on topics. This would develop and empower the employees. Besides, they give room for effective communication. Listen, on what and how the team discusses. Encourage them to participate in the discussion rather than having a one way communication.
  1. Keep it short: Stay on the topic and keep it short! Do not drag the discussion as it will only lead to boredom. Jazz it up with little fun.
  1. Give a Cheer: I ensure that there’s always something to celebrate in every team meetings. Be it a performer award, or a client appreciation or success of a colleague, we celebrate! Give a cheer even when you fall! Do not ponder around the mistakes or client escalations. Applaud your team for achieving this far!
  1. Never forget the minutes! It’s a good exercise to document what happened in the meetings. Besides, do include action items which need to be addressed and give it a time-frame. Encourage your team member to share the meeting summary with the team which gives the sense of being a part of the meeting!
  1. Frequency of meetings: Never brand team meetings as a yardstick to measure your team’s performances. Make a practice to meet your team on a monthly basis! Conducting a daily meeting will make the team member uninterested. Be mindful of others and value their time.

With luv,