O My Fairy God Mother… Here I’m…

The twist of your wand sprinkled the star dust and I found my love.. The tides of sea, that brushed me ashore made me to find my elixir of life…

Finally, on seventh of December, I held the hand of The Prince of my life. Stepped into the greatest adventure of life together with him to explore the road less traveled…

It’s true; you’re never gonna know when you’ll fall in love and not everyone you see will unlock your heart. I’ve read on soul mates only in fairy tales but I never knew they would exist until I met you.

You are much more than a best friend;
The one who knows me better than anyone else..
In you, I’ve found the love of my life
and my dearest friend forever.
True love lasts an eternity and
it’ll always be you. Together, we bind
our hearts in love forever!!

Be kind and have faith; Dreams do really come true!!

With Luv,