Sometimes a good haircut will make you feel better!

I was at the parlor for a haircut, the stylist advised me to go for a facial which would cleanse and clear up the acne. I opted for organic peel-off facial masks. It took 45 minutes to complete the facial.

When I’m home, I felt the difference. My skin got invigorated and changes were noticeable. On the second day, pimples dried off leaving the face clean and clear. Curiosity led me to buy the product online. It’s pricey! Despite the price, I ordered it.

Casmara green tea masks come in 2 packs – with gel and powder. It’s enriched with Green tea and lavender.   Sea weed in it moisturizes and hydrates your skin. Anti-oxidants in Green tea preclude and weaken cellular ageing. Aroma of Lavender relaxes your skin.

How to apply?

Proper cleansing is required before applying any face pack. It will help to clear the pores and removes the dirt. Empty the sachet of powder in a clean bowl. Now, pour the gel in the bowl and mix it thoroughly to avoid lump formation. Once the gel is poured in the powder, the pack has to be applied immediately as they thicken over time. Let the pack stays for 30 minutes. When it’s dried, start to peel off the mask.

How does it feel?

As soon as I peeled off the mask, I looked over the mirror to see if there’s any change noticeable. To my dismay, I neither found nor felt any difference. Nearly after 2 hours, the outcome of the product slowly progressed. It’s quite astounding! Good things take time.

Skin is soft and feels hydrated. Further, it tightens your skin to keep it wrinkle free.  Though the product claims to be suitable for all skin types, it’s not! And, if you have oily skin then it will still make your face oilier. Almost for 2 days, your face looks oilier. However, they dry off all pimples.

This peel-off facial mask is worth giving a try!

With Luv,