I’m sure that this cologne reminisce your physics class from your school days… Do you remember which poles repel in a magnetic field? Glad, I could still recollect it…Yeah! Opposite poles attracts each other and same poles repel each other.

I like the magnetic lid which makes me to play with it whenever Lazz uses the perfume.

I bought the perfume for him to gift it on his birthday from an online store. It costs 2100 for 75 ml and the product has got shelf life period of 36 months.

david beckham instinct cologne review

How does it feel?

Instinct is simply a natural way of scenting!!

It smells good and awesome at its price!  The fragrance has a faint hint of Vetiver and Citrus woody. It also has a spicy odor (not sure, if its cardamom or anise) and it makes you feel fresh throughout the day.  It’s a great choice for a regular business wear and works well for travel.

 david beckham instinct review

It’s a classy and a unique masculine fragrance! However, the longevity is poor which comes around 4 – 5 hours with moderate sillage.

Definitely, a must in the fragrance collection!

With Luv,