Yesterday’s summer rain has left our porch soiled with the leaves of Allamanda plant. Its absolute happiness to see my colorful terracotta planters refreshed in rain.

Today is Day 17 of #21dayslockdown. The increasing COVID – 19 status freaks me out… The deeper, I think about the daily wagers, homeless people, and stray animals; the more, I’m stressed out! We have made sure to help people around and to feed the cats in our streets.

So, what do I do during the day?

I end up my day painting something in and around our home. That’s very much comforting!

I came across the contest held by India – art blog here and thought of participating in it.

, easy DIY terracotta planters

At home, everyone loved the antique finished terracotta planters. So, I’ve decided to give a colorful splash for all the terracotta planters that I had placed at the staircase adjoining the porch. I had already decorated our porch with two simple wall mural arts here and here.  Leaving out the yellow, grey color is the only left-over color that I have got at the moment.

Here’s how to give a colorful finish for the terracotta planters

I’ve cleaned up all the planters and have applied the base coat with grey color. I’ve allowed it to dry for a while. Then, I used some chalk paint colors and acrylic color to add some design.

DIY garden pots

For the recyled paint bucket planter, I used leaf imprints method to create a design. This time, I used Bhrami leaves from our garden. You can check the post DIY – Wall art using leaf imprints for more details. And, for rest of planters, I did a simple design.  Unlike empty planter, it’s quite difficult to paint the planter with plants in it.

painting flower pots ideas

It took me 4 hours to complete it. It’s worth the time!

diy terracotta pot painting

Diy terracotta pots

It’s been a long time that I’ve taken part in a painting contest besides office work. I feel so happy to be a part of this contest.

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