Seek and you’ll find!! That’s how, I ended up with this much intrigued eyebrow pomade. A moment of exhilaration settled over me, when I got to know about Freedom Professional London Eyebrow pomade available in India. They give a seamless sheen for eyebrows.

freedom brow pomade swatches

I bought the Granite shade from an online store. It costs 900 Rs for 2.5 g and the product has got shelf life of ample time, it lasts for 3 years. The price might slow down the buying factor. However, it’s worth the money.

In India, there are four shades ash brown, caramel brown, taupe and granite available in online stores. Out of four shades, granite shade gives a natural look to brows and suits for dusky skin tones. I gazed at the cover for ingredients. Being a scholar in Chemistry, I’m beginning to feel rather frantic. Better not to look for it again.

freedom brow pomade ash brown review

How does it feel?

Its gel formula with soft matte texture glides onto skin and ease sculpting. It’s totally smudge free and it’s non-sticky. Besides, it’s waterproof and stays longer throughout the day. Unlike pencil liner, they give a denser look easily so use it slightly with a brush. A gentle stroke of the gel gives a deeper look.

How to apply?

Angled eyebrow brush helps shaping your brow perfectly. Apply the eyebrow pomade gently to fill the brow. Start sculpting from the arch and finally brush them.

Once you start using it you’ll not use the eyebrow pencil or anything else. It’s an addiction! They give a natural look and impeccable brows.

With Luv,