With mesmerizing beaches and blue-and-white-washed houses packed closely in unique architecture allures everyone.  And, the bougainvillea sprigs and colorful flowers add elegance to the picturesque island. Isn’t it lovely?

Let’s go to Greece!! What a fantastic place to be around?  I would love to explore Santorini Greece some day!!

Why would I talk about Santorini, Greece now?

I received messages from friends to share our Christmas crib decorations that we’ve done so far. While searching through the pictures in the laptop, I ended up with this!!

Yeah, we have made our Christmas crib in Santorini Styled houses. It was so much fun and we loved every small detail in it! We made tiny utensils out of clay and miniature fruits out of plaster of Paris, a small fountain and ladders.

Coming back, I had been spending more time in restyling our Porch for a perfect outdoor space and to bring in positive energy as you enter home.

To add more colors, we have been adding some new flowering plants. I finished with seed sowing and removed all withered plants. To sit back and relax, added a vintage settee redesigned out of an old coffee table. And, I gave a makeover to all old terracotta planters with sparkling colors. These planters are almost 10 years old which was given by my aunt when she relocated from here. A few, broken due to wear and tear; and, others are still intact.

landscape paintings on canvas

Today, I’ve restyled our entrance gate with a landscape painting using acrylic colors.

easy acrylic paintings

Yeah, I’m left out with an old entrance gate that’s rusted a little in the porch. It was left with primer for months.

Yesterday, I gave a complete wash with some paints and allowed it to dry for a day to see if there’s any discoloration. And, today I painted the front side with acrylic colors.

landscape painting

First, I stenciled the brick pattern and then used acrylic colors in dry brushing method for flowers.

acrylic painting on canvas

This would have been even better with oil paints 0n Canvas, but love how it has come in acrylic colors.

landscape painting easy

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cuppa of coffee!!

With luv,