When it comes to Lipsticks, I always prefer shades with matte texture. It glides smoothly and stays longer on my lips. And you have varied matte shades in Lakme.

Here are the few from the collection, I own! And swatches are given for your reference.

Lakme absolute sculpt matte lipstick review

Lakme absolute sculpt matte lipstick shades

Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio – Hi Definition Matte Lipstick:

I’ve got Plum Spell shade. With just one stroke, it gives a rich matte texture with a creamy finish. It is a lovely red color with tinges of plum, which gives a natural look for dusky skin tones. The color lasts at least for 5 hours leaving a red tinted lip. It is the most vibrant matte collection that provides a proficient finish.

Net wt. is 3.7g and it costs 700 Rs. It is worth the money! It’s my preferred shade out of the four lipsticks and I use it regularly for office.

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick:

I’ve Pink Passion shade. It gives a matte texture and flakes out easily. Though I don’t use it as a base color, I prefer it for the dashing effect on the lips. May be, with a lip brush the flakes wouldn’t be visible much. And it’s not creamy enough and dries out easily.

Net wt. is 3.7g and it costs around 700 Rs. I would prefer it, as long as I use it with other shades for a natural look.

If you have pigmented lips, then try using Lakme Absolute Sculpt studio (Plum Spell) as a base with touches of Lakme Absolute Matte (Pink Passion) on the center. This adds volume to the lips. Unlike Lakme Absolute Crème, it looks stunning and stays longer! It is highly recommended for those who love matte shades.

lakme absolute sculpt studio hi-definition matte lipstick review

Lakme Absolute Crème:

I bought Plum Glimmer shade. I was little addicted to this shade and I bought it for the second time. It leaves dark pink color with plum undertones. It glides smoothly with sheen of plum. It hydrates lips like a creamy butter.

It costs 700 Rs. After using Lakme Absolute Matte lipsticks, I never wanted to buy it again as you get better one of this price!

Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict:

I’m not sure what urged me to buy this as I don’t prefer glossy shades. Indeed, I bought Fine Wine shade out of all colors. This has both shine of liquid lip gloss and lipstick. It costs 800 Rs.

And quite lovely, this can also be used as a lip gloss over any matte shades.

How to apply?

Before applying any lip sticks, ensure to exfoliate your lips as it allows shades to stay longer.

As a ground rule, shape lips to perfection by redefining lip contours with a lip pencil. And for voluminous lips, apply a dark color on the outer corners and a light color on the center; then blend the colors together.

As a word of caution, ensure to check the Shelf-life of the product. Anything beyond the shelf-life shouldn’t be used.

With Luv,