Egypt – The Gift of the Nile… Why would I talk about Egypt in the midst of writing an article?

Pretty much, I’m watching a movie “The Mummy”.  Well, it’s quite fascinating. This movie inspired me to get out and explore Egypt in some day. Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Mummies, Cairo, River Nile and what else to wander around in the desert soaring above 40 degrees Celsius?

So, what comes to your mind when you think of Egypt?

Besides mummies and pyramids, I admire the beauty of Cleopatra. An Egyptian queen ! And, she was known as the most beautiful women on earth, renowned for her beauty secrets. Her flawless skin and her alluring eye make-up still remain as a myth and unknown for an era.  The scholars and historians failed to unravel the mystery of her beauty secrets for centuries.

I love her intense eye make-up which every gal want to flaunt for an evening outlook! I’ve been using Lakme Insta-eyeliners for years and the precision liquid eye-liner took over its place for its bright hue.

Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner Review

Lakme Insta-liner:     

The liquid is dark as carbon black in color. And, the fluid intensity is fair enough to draw fine lines easily.  You can use it as a regular wear. It has fine thin brush that would enable to draw curves perfectly.  I would recommend buying it from stores rather than online as one must take a look at the brush before buying. If the brush bristles out, it’s difficult to draw sturdy lines.

It costs 110 Rs for 9 ml bottle.

How does it feel?

It stays longer giving a natural look to your eyes. If you are proficient, you can draw fine lines without tugging your eye lids. However, even if the tip of your brush gets into your eye, you will end up with watery eyes and it smudges and spoils your eye makeup. It irritates your eyes for few seconds. It doesn’t dries out quickly.

It is water resistant. Unless and until, you try to wipe it out, it stays longer. It leaves a beautiful tint of black lined eye line. It doesn’t fade quickly.

Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner Review

Lakme absolute Precision Liquid Liner:

Remember the days you have used color pens for coloring book. And, your precision liquid liner is a reformed kind of felt pen of good old days. The first time, I bought it from store, I inquired on how good it is for eyes. She confirmed that this will not cause any harm to the eyes as its undergone ophthalmological tests. And the felt tip is smooth and eases drawing thick lines.

It costs 475 Rs for 1.2 ml.

How does it feel?

It dries quickly! Its water proof, so no smudging and stays longer.  You can create bold intense lines with it. You can easily create Cleopatra’s eye make-up with this felt pen. However, you cannot draw on your lower eye-lids without tugging your skin. It is one of the promising products from Lakme except for its shelf-life of the pen. Even if you try storing it with the tip facing down, it doesn’t stay longer. It hardly lasts for more than three months.


For a beginner, it is better to go with precision eye-liner rather than liquid eyeliner. It’s much easier to create bold lines. However, in the perspective of price, I would prefer choosing insta-liquid liner over precision liquid liner. I really do not want to spend 475 Rs for a product which do not lasts for more than three months.

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