Have you ever noticed the symbol RX, a superscription in your medical prescriptions? It’s a Latin word for recipe. So, what does it do here with the skin care product?

Inquisitiveness in me, made me to buy this face wash! Lotus Professional comes up with a recipe for skin whitening and brightening. Let’s see how this works on my skin.

lotus professional phyto rx whitening and brightening face wash review

The product claims to have potent organic formulation with extracts of amla, lychee and punarnava root. Amla berry acts as skin lightening agent whereas Lychee enriched with anti-oxidant, boosts moisture and the punarnava root promotes lighter, uniform complexion. Further, it says that it’s suitable for all skin types.

I bought it from an online store. It costs 295 Rs for 80 g and it has got shelf life of 3 years.

lotus professional face wash review

How does it feel?

The semi-fluid consistency in pearl white color deep cleanses the pores and helps to remove dirt.  Gentle circular massage catalyzes the cleansing process.  As you rinse off, you’ll feel the skin looks fresh and brightened but it lasts only for few hours. Later, it makes the skin look dull. Perhaps, using it along with other skin care product from Lotus might help to lighten the tan.

In just two days of use, I ended up with acne sprouting all over my face. It took me 2 weeks to clear it off.

If I may say so, it didn’t go very well on my skin!!

With Luv,