Remember the days when we used to get a small box of Eyetex to draw eyeline. Those are the days every household had taken possession of it merely as a treasure. It is the only kajal that ruled the period to keep your eye looking pretty at an affordable cost.

And I’ve never left to school without the Kajal. Surprisingly, if there’s something that replaced this, then it would be Lakme Insta liquid eye-liner!

I’ve also used Lakme Kajal. But prolonged use of it, started to irritate my eyes. On my visit to ophthalmologist, I was advised to stop using the kajal, as they form a thin layer of oil which would keep eyes dry throughout the day. Later, I’ve never used any kajal.

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal:

Nearly after a long time, I tried the kajal at a health and glow outlet. I came across Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal which is similar to Kajal. I was hesitant and confused to buy it, for the last experience I had with it. After all, memory is everything. All water under the bridge! I bought it, without a second thought.

It costs 725 Rs for 1.2 g

The sleek pencil comes with a smudger at other end. At store, she told me that it can be used to create a smokey eye effect and the residue on the smudger can also be used to shade eyebrows.

How does it feel?

The pigment color is intense carbon black. I use it on lower waterline and with just a stroke, it gives a sharp line. Two strokes of it will promises an incredible stunning eye look.

It’s soft and glides smoothly on your water line without tugging your lower eyelid. It lasts longer and it’s resistant to water. Well, it’s not greasy and doesn’t irritate your eyes. I love it! There’s no chance for dry eyes. It doesn’t smudge or give you raccoon eyes. When you wash, it leaves a beautiful tinge of black on your eyeline.

However, I don’t use it on upper eyeline. It’s quite difficult to correct the mistakes without a make-up remover. That’s the only thing that didn’t go well with this product!

If you would prefer to have a smokey finish then you can use the smudger. Speaking about the smudger, it did remind me of a pencil with rubber on its head. Indeed, it’s hard like rubber and tugs your skin. When I tried to use the residue on the smudger to shade my brows, it pulled out a hair. It’s purposeless!

Absolutely and unequivocally, it’s a good product to brighten up your eyeline in charcoal black except the smudger!

With Luv,