Disclaimer – The post is not to offend anyone’s credence over marriage ceremonies. There are prospective grooms and prospective brides as well. The post is merely a piece of what I’ve seen through the lenses of my life around the people I love!

Though the knowledge is unpredictable, the truth prevails! The worth of education seems to be astounding when you come across grooms so intimidating bride’s parents. The trust and the worthiness of prospective grooms get neutralized among the thorns. Out of persuasion, you get to choose someone rather than choosing love of your life..

Here are a few snapshots which would say ‘yes’ to it!!

Credibility of bride has to be a well-educated, with five-figured pay preferably working in MNC in day shifts. And, brides with a posh abode will give stardom to her profile.

The so-called prospective groom would expect bride’s parents to present him with gifts but not a single penny in the forbidden name of ‘dowry’. Here comes the list along with a few schemas to shortlist Princess of his life:

  1. XX amount of gold – Costliest, yet prettiest metal known to have its occasional value, sealed inside the walls of cheapest metal chest made of iron throughout its life. One would start a jewelry shop, post the wedding.
  2. Lump sums of cash – Cash in Hand / Cash at bank are unaccountable. Pretty not clear, where it origins. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be presented as a deposit in any form in bride’s name.
  3. A Posh car – It’s just a gift; and they’re courteous on not to demand it.
  4. A Big Fat Wedding – A big day of your life begins with an expenditure on great earnings of your life. The arena is flourished with guests from all over the known origin and served with mouth-watering delicacies. Be kind, and do not expect groom’s parents to pay your bills.

So, what’s about the agenda here?

  • First and foremost will be known for ages! She must know to cook.
  • She must be an expertise in all household chores.
  • She mustn’t go to work or think about her career. If at all, she wants to work; her obligations would be obliged on grounds of day shifts. Pretty not clear on this! They want the CTC as per their norms and not the shift timings as per the company. It’s a pity!
  • She must take care of his parents but not hers.
  • And last, any deed in her name has to be transfered to groom’s name at the time of marriage.

If at all, one fulfills the list and agenda, then, does the ownership of commodity bought lies with the prospective buyer? Still, debatable!

The Oath of marriage is dying as it underlies the faith beneath the sale! It fails to rebound and transform love, over assets. Mere, act of choosing someone over lust with lists and agenda has to accept the consequences with deep buried mistakes.

When there’s two hearts sparks with love, there the vows of marriage lives in love forever!! Love, accepts its companion unconditionally and it is the rest of the story who you choose to be!

With Luv,