Impressive to see someone with the shade you love! And if it’s your best friend, then you’ll be flying high… I love the lipstick shade because of the matte effect and long lasting result. I had been asking her for the shade name and it was added in my buy-list. Last week, I bought it from health and glow outlet.

Today, I thought of sharing my review about it.

This is the first lipstick shade I’ve ever bought from Maybelline. I’ve Flaming Fuchsia Shade. The composition of lipstick is too soft and fragile.  A little touch of it would fall out from the holder. You need to handle it with care.

It costs 325 Rs for 3.9 g. And the shelf life of the product is 36 months which is pretty good!

How does it feel?

The pigment is vibrant enough to give rich color in single stroke. It’s soft and glides smoothly. Though the texture is not completely matte, the moisture in it hydrates the lip leaving a shine. It doesn’t dry your lips. It has fragrances of strawberry. And, it has spread all over my wardrobe. Whenever I open up the wardrobe, I could smell the fragrance.

Lip color didn’t stay longer on my lips. Hardly, it stayed for 3 hours. Besides, you need to exfoliate your lips, before applying it. Or else, the wax residue stays on the fine lines of your lips which makes it look like flaky shade.

The shade looks brighter for dusky skin tone. You can use it as a combo of two shades.

With Luv,