Basically, waxing will temporarily removes the hair from the surface rather than removing it from hair follicles. Lesser the pain, better the product is! Among the plenty of hair removal processes, Rica waxing seems to be effective.

An Italian product, leads the way! The liposoluble wax is unique in comparison to other flavored wax or sugar wax. It is available as per the skin type and if you choose wisely, then the hair removal would be less painful.

I’ve chosen white chocolate wax which is apt for my dry skin. I bought 800 ml of white chocolate Rica wax, 250 ml of cotton milk pre-wax gel and 250 ml of menthol after-wax lotion through online. It’s pricey!

The Requisites are:

  • White Chocolate wax – It nourishes and moisturizes your dry skin.
  • Cotton Milk Pre-wax gel – It cleanses the skin and remove any traces of moisturizers. Further, it hydrates and softens the skin.
  • Menthol After-wax lotion – It calms redness and the menthol in it, leaves the skin cool and refreshed. It soothes the skin as it removes any wax residue. It is non-greasy and easily absorbed.
  • Non-Woven wax strips works better. Woven strips would peel-off the skin.

How to Use / Apply?

Remove the lid and place the wax container directly in the wax heater. If it doesn’t hold, pour a little wax with a spatula in wax heater and melt it. Now, cleanse the area to wax, with pre-wax gel. Massage and pat dry thoroughly. With a spatula, gently apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. Place the non-woven strips close to the skin. Hold your skin firmly and pull-off the strips in opposite direction. Repeat it in small sections and once done, apply after-wax lotion which would remove any wax residues and calms redness.

How does it feel?

  • Well, unlike any other waxing the skin feels soften.
  • It’s good for sensitive skin.
  • It’s painless and removes the tan.
  • No burns or scars.
  • It really slows down hair growth. Almost for 20 days, I don’t need to go for waxing.

Word of caution:

Extra care is required while using Rica wax. If its not done the right way, it may peel off the skin. And if it does happens, then make sure to apply after wax-lotion on the skin to reduce burns and scar.  Repeat it, until the redness disappears.

With luv,