Planning a trip to Kanyakumari? Take a look at our travel plan that would help you to plan and explore the best places in and around Kanyakumari.

Ours was a three days (2N / 3D) family trip primarily focused on visiting the renowned churches and the best things to do in Kanyakumari!

Day 1: The first day of our Kanyakumari trip went on church hopping spree!  You could skip some of the churches and add Thiruchendur, or Thootukudi . They are at close distance from Manapad.


We drove along the bypass road to Tirunelveli and reached Punniyavalanpuram Velankanni church.  The beautiful facade of the church in glistening metallic hues makes you stopover.

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An hour and half drive, we reached the beautiful coastal village called Uvari.

The Kappal Matha Church also known as Selva Matha (Our Lady of Good Wealth) Church in Uvari, Tirunelveli is renowned for its architect. It’s a perfect spot to hang around with family, in the beautiful coastal village.  Take a look at this post: A stranded ship – Selva Matha Church at Uvari!

We then, headed to “Uvari Anthoniyar Church” which is at a walking distance from Kappal Matha church. The pristine beaches of the fishing town Uvari offers serenity, besides the renowned and Uvari Anthoniyar Church.

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Almost, around 1’0 clock we reached to the lost church of Athisaya Manal Matha. With bright red sands glistening in blazing hot sunshine, it brings in Red desert in front of my eyes…

This prominent place was hidden for centuries under sand and its existence was revealed by a shepherd boy in the year 1798. Then, it was excavated and restored carefully. It’s well preserved and maintained till date!

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Post lunch, we headed to the miraculous ThiruKalyana Matha Shrine and Sacred Heart Grotto at Alanthalai.  Thirukalyana Matha shrine is a well-renowned church as people flock to the church from Nagercoil every month.

In 30 minutes’ drive, we reached Sacred Heart Grotto church. It’s also known as St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church.

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Our first day trip ends at Manapad. We took the Thoothukudi – Tiruchendur – Kanyakumari road and reached Manapad around 4’0 clock.

On the way to the cliff, the Holy Cross church shines in white armor. Take a look at this post: A Holy Abode of St. Xavier – Holy Cross Church at Manapad!!

We’ve hired a cab that made us comfortable to travel around with ease.

Day 2: Our second day trip was filled with exploring places we’ve never been along with our family since our childhood.  Our day ended with more fun and laughter!!


We started to Padmanabhapuram Palace from Nagercoil around 9 AM. It is located in Padmanabhapuram, in the town of Thuckalay of Kanyakumari District which is 20 KM from Nagercoil.

Nestled in the foothills of Veli, a part of Western Ghats, Padmanabhapuram Palace is an awesome historic-heritage place with its mystique architecture!

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The natives call it as ‘Thottipalam’. Mathur Aqueduct is 13 km from Padmanabhapuram Palace, hardly a 30 minutes’ drive.

The concrete bridge is 1240 Ft. long and 101 Ft. tall supported by 28 pillars.

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A veil of dark clouds covers Thirparappu falls as we reached. It’s a 10 minutes’ drive from Thottipalam.

Thirparappu waterfall is a man-made waterfall, formed on Kodayar river, takes an abrupt 50 Ft drop. With fall’s edge shaped with rocks, makes it look natural.

You can finish the day by watching the sunset at the beaches of Chothavilai.

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As rain foiled our last day trip to Kanyakumari Beach, We headed to Kurusumalai – St. Thomas Church. It’s a 10 mins drive from my cousin home. Kurusumalai – St. Thomas church is located in Nilappaarai, also called as Thirumoola Nagar.

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