A Colorful Ride has traveled quite an exhaustive journey… On October 23rd  2016, it made its existence in the world.  A Colorful Ride, I had always thought, was one of my everlasting dreams. It gave life to my creativeness and came as a reward of perseverance.

It created an intense atmosphere over a year that emblazoned into my mind. There was pretty lot of things happened in this one year. I had to change web hosting and there was a moment, I began to feel rather frantic. During the transfer, my website design got distorted. Though the articles and pictures were intact, it lost its appearance. It was a moment of utter bewilderment. Finally, it took a month to get my website re-designed.

Sometimes, I couldn’t spend much time due to work at office. However, it always had helped me to balance work and life. Most of the bloggers gets lost over time in the first year.  But, I’ve endured through time! There are always hope, to re-evaluate and re-define your skills in whatever you choose to be.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned in this one year!!

  1. Key word does help for SEO but do not get drowned in it. A well-written article is half read!
  2. Google Analytics might give you a nightmare. One day, it might take you to the edge of the cliff and other day, it might drop you down from there. If I may say so, your timing is impeccable! So, enjoy the ride and treasure each moment; you’re destined to reach!
  3. I’ve not tried writing poetry or read Shakespeare’s play before. But, now I’m able to capture my feelings that I’ve experienced through Poetry. That’s how, I wrote a poem An ode to Immigrants. So far, I’ve written three Poems. Well, three is a good number for a beginner!
  4. A Colorful Ride made me to explore and enhance my skills in Photography.
  5. It took my craze on gardening to next level..

Some of the top posts that have reached a lot of readers are:

Rica Waxing – The best at its price! – 1503
The Jhumkas are back in town! – 1341
Let’s go berrying – 1225
Exploring the city of Pune – Pavana Lake  – 1178

Life without goals is like a boat without oars.  Set goals.. Stay quite! Succeed and show them! A year from now everything will be changed and a new milestone will be reached in ‘A Colorful Ride’

Friends are always there for you to share your happiness and be a part in your hard times. A big thank you to all my friends who have been encouraging me and sharing feedbacks about every article I write here..  Finally, I thank all the visitors who enjoy their ride here…

One year down forever to go…

With Luv,