One of my friends, Deepa – who I’ve known her since my college days, living in Arkansas, the United States. Whenever, we were chatting online she used to ask me if I need anything from US. I bought a few sewing supplies through her to revamp my dressmaking skills.

Weekend is the perfect time to hunt for fabrics… And if you are new to it, then you will be baffled to choose the right fabric…

Here comes the questionnaire to prepare a checklist..

  • What type of Fabric I need – Cotton, as it’s easy to sew and not so expensive.
  • What am I going to craft – Baby quilts and other than that, I’ve no idea.
  • How much I need to buy – Certainly depends on quality and price!

Browsed through all fabrics in the store and picked up a few after two hours…


I chose the above three to sew baby quilts. I still need to buy fusing for quilts.


Though I liked the fabric and bought 2 metres of it, I’ve no idea of what I’m going to sew with this. Quality is the best for its price.


And this sequined fabrics in shades of gray and mustard perfect pick of the day! And I bought six metres of solid Georgette for skirt and four metres of Santoon fabric for lining in shades of mustard.  Plan is to design a lehenga out of it.


Happy Sewing!!

With luv,