We had a great weekend, spent sourcing out materials for our terrace garden. It’s been a long time desire that came into existence yesterday. We’re still trying to figure out quite a few supplies.

Hopefully, we will be completing the initial set-up before this week.

wella professional finishing spray

Today’s review is about a hair spray – Wella Professionals EIMI stay styled workable finishing spray. I was looking for a good hair setting spray in nearby stores and finally found this one online.

It costs Rs. 600 for 300 ml.

How does it feel?

If there is one word to describe the product then, it would be apt to say, “Wonderful”.  Absolutely, it’s worth the money!!

I bought it online to use it during my friend’s wedding as every time my hair-do gets messy and frizzy even before the function gets over.  Initially, though I felt apprehensive to give it a shot thinking that it would damage my hair. Now, it has become one of my must-haves for all events.

It’s easy to use. Once you finish your hair-do, spray it directly on your hair keeping at arm’s distance.  It sets well and stays longer. It helps to keep your hair-do frizz free and looks perfect throughout the day. It doesn’t harden your hair strands.

It’s non-greasy and great for hair styling. It smells good and leaves your hair smoother!! It doesn’t dry your hair or look crunchy. I didn’t have any hair fall. It keeps the hair straightened for a longer time.

So, what is your favorite hair spray and tell us why you like it? Comment below!

With luv,