Cords of tiny beaded jewelry are my new addiction. I totally love to accessorize my outfits with these trendy neck chains. They look perfect and elegant for the evening.

The one with black and white paper beads suits for every outfit. It has 3 cords of beads whereas the green one has 4 cords of beads attached along with glass beads.

paper beads necklace

paper quilling jewellery

They look beautiful for round and boat necklines.  It costs Rs. 950 and they are picture-perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day! Even though they are coated with lacquer to improve its durability, it has to be stored separately and preferably away from any humidity environment.

recycled paper jewelry

handmade paper jewellery

These pretty neck chains are made by my sister. Please do reach out to us at Helenvictor@acolorfulride.com for customized orders!

With luv,