The First thing that strikes us about Edakkal caves is the petroglyphs.  After Lohagad Fort, this is the second trek I’ve been to. Edakkal Caves makes for a perfect trekking spot! Imprints of Neolithic ages beg the question how could such a cave were inhabited and fell to utter ruins.

edakkal caves wayanad kerala

We hired a cab as it’s located at a distance of 40 Kms from Vythiri Resort. By the time, we reached it was almost time for closing. I love the way the people around hastened us to get our ticket and one has to walk a kilometer to get the ticket. The steep road will make it more tiresome! I was wondering who on earth would have the ticket counter at this distance. Was this something to test your stamina? If you could reach this far, then you could easily climb up the hill or else don’t waste your money, get back!

The laneways to the ticket counter are filled with tiny shops selling lime soda, water bottles, pickled mangoes and a lot.. Beware of Monkeys!!

edakkal caves in wayanad

edakkal caves trekking

edakkal caves in kerala

edakkal caves in kerala

We walked uphill taking break at every minute. I was almost exhausted and drenched in sweat. Lazz wouldn’t want to give up until we reach the summit. We made our way safely past the steep stairs to the main cave.

edakkal caves wayanad

edakkal caves wayanad

The long arduous journey comes to an end; the main cave is right on top of the hill and it’s strikingly awesome. The feel of breezy air will chill up and fill your lungs! What a relief! The view from the top was stunning!

edakkal caves wayanad

Unlike other caves, Edakkal cave is nothing but a cleft of rocks formed as a shelter. We spent a few minutes admiring the view and then we rushed back to our car as it started to dark. Watch your step, as you climb down the hill! It’s scary….

edakkal caves wayanad

It’s nearly close to 300 steps that concludes the journey.

Timing: 9 AM – 4 PM and Monday is holiday.

Note: Do not carry heavy bags; just a bottle of water is enough to complete the trek! Simple outfit with shoes is adequate to climb up the hill.

This place is only for trekkers and anthropology lovers!! I saw quite a lot of people found it even harder and difficult to climb uphill. Senior citizens, people with medical illness and kids can stay off! And surely, this place is not for honeymooners as you’ll be gifted with cramps at the end of the journey.

With Luv,