It’s the last day of our trip in Andaman.

We had planned to visit North Bay in the morning before we leave to the Airport by noon. So, we packed our bags overnight in leisure.

munda pahar beach

In the morning, we had our breakfast and left the resort. As I felt seasick and couldn’t get enough sleep, we swapped our plan to Munda Pahar beach which is at a distance of 25 Kms from Port Blair. A forty minutes’ drive through bumpy roads, you’ll land in this secluded beach. It’s also known as Chidiya Tapu.

munda pahar beach chidiya tapu

munda pahar beach chidiya tapu

munda pahar beach Andaman

munda pahar beachAs we signed up the register, the staff over there told us not to step into water as its crocodile prone zone. We were quite disappointed! Though the name suggests as home for lot of birds, we didn’t spot a single bird. There were two people selling cucumbers and bhel puri. Lazz went to get some bhel puri and cucumbers, as I was looking for perfect wooden log bench to take a little nap for some time. I checked beneath if there’s any crocodile out there, a pleasant doggy slept peacefully. As I closed my eyes beholding the beauty of the sea, my mind kept reminding me of the movie ‘lake placid’. It is real, there’s a beast hidden in this beautiful sea!

chidiya tapu sunset point

I was wondering myself who on earth would tour to a beach that’s prone to salt water crocodiles. Lazz was rather disgruntled as he had planned to swim for an hour. Without much delay, we headed to the airport to board our flight to Chennai.

munda pahar beach port blair

It’s better to skip this desolate beach as it only offers disappointment!

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