It’s fourth day of our trip!! Take a look at our trip to Cellular JailBaratang IslandRoss Island, Radhanagar beach, Elephant BeachChidiya Tapu in Andaman Islands.

Kalapathar beach andaman

As we need to vacate the resort in the morning, we packed our bags overnight and had a pleasant sleep in comfort. We started early around 5:30 AM and drove to Kalapathar Beach.

Exotic coral reefs – Kalapathar Beach

Its 15 minutes’ drive from our resort and looks isolated except for few farms and resorts cropping up here and there on our way to the beach.

kalapathar beach in Havelock

kalapathar beach Andaman

kala patthar

Shimmering waves and the shores washing away dead coral reefs is attractive. Though it’s a beautiful beach, we didn’t like it much as the shorelines are studded with plastics and other stuffs.


kalapathar beach Andaman

Kalapathar beach images

kalapathar beach sunrise

kalapathar beach havelock island sunrise

We spent half an hour, clicking a few pictures and returned.

havelock island andaman

Exhilarating Scuba diving at Beach 2 – Nemo’s Reef, Havelock Island:

On our way back, we both planned to go for scuba diving at Beach 2 – Nemo’s Reef through Scuba Pro divers. However, due to illness, I couldn’t go for it. So Lazz had to go alone. It costs Rs. 3500 per person.

scuba diving andaman cost

There are lots of dive sites in Andaman. We chose Nemo beach dive site in Havelock Island.

scuba diving in andaman blog

scuba diving andaman north bay island

scuba diving at andaman cost

scuba diving and snorkeling in Andaman

It takes one hour with a fifteen minutes pre-training session on procedures. Two expert scuba divers accompanied him, one to monitor and guide. The other diver will take pictures and videos. So, there’s no need to panic!

scuba diving places in andaman

I waited along the shores watching corals and sea urchins.

scuba diving

scuba diving

scuba diving Andaman

scuba diving Andaman

It was exhilarating to comprehend the underwater sea life. Colorful fishes, corals and the clown fish reminisce watching the movie, ‘Finding Nemo’. They gave the video and photographs copied in our mobile phones.

After snorkeling at Elephant Beach, Lazz felt he could’ve opted for scuba diving here which had lot of live corals and colorful fishes. So, do head to Elephant beach for all adventurous water rides.

scuba diving places in andaman

We returned to the resort by 9 AM and had our breakfast. We checked out and went to Havelock jetty leaving our bags in the private locker rooms. It’s another 20 minutes shared boat ride from the jetty, we reached Elephant Beach. It costs Rs.1900 and comes with a complimentary snorkeling.

Havelock island andaman

We boarded in the boat named, Kabir – A poet and a saint of 15th century. It’s interesting to see unique names in each boats anchored in the dock!

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