Beaches… Beaches… Beaches… were the only thing echoing in my dream throughout the journey to Havelock Island. White sandy seashores as soaked in emerald-hued, turquoise waters and exotic coral reefs offers enough for the child in you! Forget about Maldives and Mauritius…

This is a pristine paradise, a getaway that’s closer to home!

Interestingly, the beaches here are numbered and named. There are 7 beaches in total. 1 – Havelock Jetty, 3 – Govindnagar Beach, 5 – Vijayanagar Beach, 7 – Radhanagar Beach and I do not remember the names of beach numbered 2, 4, and 6. In addition to it, we have Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach.

radhanagar beach in Andaman

radhanagar beach Havelock

After two hours of journey, we reached Havelock jetty at 02:15 PM. We checked in at NK Hotel resort, 5 minutes’ walk from Havelock Jetty and drove to Radhanagar beach around 3 PM. It is 12 km from our resort.

radhanagar beach andaman

The remoteness of the island with the near absence of vehicular traffic is an added advantage for a private beach holiday! The laneways are filled with small shops, some in cycle-carts selling eatables and accessories. We had a platter of mixed fruit salad costs Rs.100 and a papadi chat costs Rs.50 that’s enough to keep you full for sometimes.

radhanagar beach in Andaman

radhanagar beach HavelockRadhanagar beach is one of Havelock’s picture postcard escapes! It seems to be the perfect place to end the day watching the sunset and it is one of the best beaches in Asia. No queries how it got into TIME magazine! Undoubtedly, it’s completely awesome at its core. Pristine white sandy beach is spotless and the turquoise water sparkles in sunshine that lets you walk barefoot. Amazingly enough! We left our belongings safely in the locker which is available in the beach.

Radhanagar beach

The beach is shallow may be at least for 100 meters from the shore which makes it perfect for swimming as it comes only up to your knees. I didn’t know that Lazz had brought swim ring for me. Being a non-swimmer, I enjoyed learning swimming with him. We played for quite an hour and a half in line with the rhythm of waves.

“Look! There! Jump now,” squealed Lazz.

Yah!! I did it… I rustled in happiness…

We jumped with the crest to float and took a dip with a trough. Rise and fall with the tide!! The timing here is everything. I loved it! It was so much fun as I’ve never been to swimming in iridescent waves!!

radhanagar beach sunset

radhanagar beach Andaman

As the sun started to disappear, dusk quickly dissolves into charcoal dark and day ends by 5:30 PM. Sunset is so picturesque and flabbergasts you! We quickly took a few pictures before the sunset and changed our dress to get back to resort. We did some shopping in the laneways and bought a few earrings.

radhanagar beach sunset

It is one of the exotic shores of the islands in Andaman. It’s the best and you’ll love every moment there and mesmerized by its exquisiteness!

We had our dinner in the resort and have planned to go Kalapathar Beach early in the morning at 5:30 AM, the next day.

How to get there:

Havelock island is about 41 Km from Port Blair and can be reached by government or private ferries. There are speed-boats also available.

We booked our ferry ride in Green Ocean 2 and two tickets costs came around Rs. 3050 inclusive of all other charges. There is no much difference between luxury and premium class in cost.

Bikes are available for rental at a cost of Rs. 300 – 500 to travel around the island.

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