Travelling with your bestie to places you have never been to, would be exciting!

It was our official trip to Pune. We arrived at 3:30 AM early in the morning and checked into our hotel. We stayed at Fortune Inn at Hinjewadi, much closer to our office. It’s so elegant and made our stay comfortable. The room was so clean. From food to laundry everything was perfect. Certainly, this place will make you feel at home.

Beside our work schedule, we had only weekends to visit the city. We inquired people at office what’s so famous over here in Pune and planned it accordingly.

pavana lake pune

We planned to visit Lohagad Fort and places nearby with a group of friends. So, we hired a cab for a crew of seven. We had our breakfast at the hotel and started at 8 AM. At office, we were reminded about the intense of cold weather. Layering up will keep you warm and protect you from cold winds.

pavana lake Lonavala

pavana lake pune

Pavana Lake:

Pavana Lake was our first place to visit. An hour and a half journey covered 55 Kms from Pune. The roads to the lake looked desolate and dry. We saw a few resorts popping up on the way up the hill. We reached almost by 11 AM and the soaring mercury was getting into its stride. When we went for the boat ride, it was closed due to a mishap. Unfortunately, our plan got foiled.  Nevertheless, it was pleasant to view the beautiful lake from the top of the hill. It was sparkling in sunlight. The cool breeze blew away the beads of sweat. We took a few pictures to reminisce our first visit and hastened to Lohagad Fort.

There were no shops and we saw only a couple of ice-cream sellers. It’s better to pack your food and water bottle from home.

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