The weekend is here! This is in continuation to the Kalamkari Painting that I posted last week.

It was raining heavily for the past couple of days. Whenever there’s rain, my cab gets delayed. When you run like a kid for the school bell and your cab doesn’t show up, you feel disappointed. And it’s even more disappointing, if you had to wait for hours at office to reach home.

kalamkari paintings how to do

Time flies so quick… Night gets moderate shower and day soars with heat. For the last two days, it was soaring with heat waves. So, I planned to paint the door early in the morning as exposure to heat is minimal.

kalamkari painting easySitting by the garden and sipping a cup of coffee, starts the day! Feeling the cool breeze after heavy shower, early in the morning will refresh you… It’s time to get the painting completed before the mercury rises.  It’s good that there was no impact on the painting due to rain.

kalamkari painting on wall

I used green color for back drop with black outline. It took three hours to get the full picture done. Now, the door looks pretty with Kalamkari painting!

With Luv,