The weather is too hot… You could feel the real summer blaze this year with temperature reaching to 108 deg F… We desperately need some refreshing rains!!!

Today, I felt so bored and was watching movies in Netflix, “The boy who harnessed the wind”.

A decent movie with a great thought! It was so touching… How different parts of the world struggle to meet their basic needs…  How the climate change affects the livelihoods of farmers… It has beautifully depicted the life in rural village and how they overcome every struggle they faces in their lives.  They don’t even have electricity, a proper school…

How lucky are we? We’re living life in our own comfort zone yet we find it as a difficult space to live!!

mandala art

Coming back, what’s the best way to recycle plastic bottles? Turn them into a planter or a name plate or how about both? Ever since we moved into our new home, I had been thinking of doing a name plate. I wanted it to be unique with a touch of nature!  It’s the right time to create a name plate combining Dot Painting and Mandala art.

I was so excited to try something with Dot painting. It’s also known as ‘Australian aboriginal dot art’ as it originated from Indigenous Australians. Combining it with Mandala art is trending in recent times.

mandala dot painting patterns

Painting dot mandalas needs a lot of patience and time to do it. Etching alphabets in Dot Mandala art is quite interesting!! All you need is some acrylic colors and different sized tools. I had a few empty surf excel bottle lying in the store room which could be, now repurposed as a planter and a name plate. I’ve used pencil and crochet needle as my tool to do Dot Mandala art.

If you’re wondering, what to make with empty plastic bottles or how to use plastic bottles for decoration, then here’s the deal. It’s the best way to recycle plastic bottles into something amazing!!

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how to recycle plastic bottles

Here’s how to create a name plate…

  1. Cut the openings in a desired shaped in the plastic bottle.
  2. Make holes at the bottom for air circulation and to drain water.
  3. Prime the bottle using Gesso. Apply two coats and allow it to dry in-between coats.
  4. Dab two colors in a sponge brush and create a textured effect. Allow it to dry for a while.
  5. Draw the design using a pencil and create dot pattern along the design using different sized tools.
  6. When it’s dried, add soil and some plants. I prefer hanging plants like baby tears, string of hearts vine, wandering Jew and purple hearts.

how to do mandala dot painting

Dot Mandala art on bottle is ready to deck the wall!

Have you done any crafts with plastic bottles? Do comment below how you had recycled plastic bottles…

With luv,