Here we come…. Day 10!

It’s pretty good to know how quickly time flies!! Ten days flew so fast… At least at the moment, it consoles the anxious and helps us to stay strong for the coming days.

So, how to be productive during this lock-down period? Try to do things that you were passionate about. You will be engaged with that completely and helps you stay focused!

After completely remodeling Our Bedroom in Scandinavian décor style, I’m all set to start with our living room makeover. I’m little uncertain whether to pick a nautical style (coastal décor) or a farmhouse style for the living room.

diy terracotta pot painting

Today, I thought of giving an antique finish for the terracotta planters to go with the vintage settee. It’s actually a Dahi handi and I’ve turned it into a planter as the lid got broken. Luckily, I bought all my craft supplies before the corona lockdown. The two fevicryl liners in yellow and green came in very handy.

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Here’s how to give an antique finish for the planters…

What you’ll need:

  • Ceramic color
  • Gesso
  • Fevicryl liners
  • Metallic wax
  • Brushes

How to do:

Prepare a paper draft of your designs. It helps to finalize your design and there won’t be any last minute changes. Besides, you could save time!

diy flower pots

  • First, I used a gesso as a primer to cover the pot completely. I gave two coats of primer and allowed it to dry between coats. I covered only the outer surface as I would be using it as a planter.
  • Then, I used fevicryl ceramic color to paint the pot and allowed it to dry.
  • I used a chalk stick to outline the design because it’s easier to clean it up later. Then, I used the liner over the design.  Allow it to dry for atleast 1 – 2 hours.
  • Finally, I used metallic wax along the ridge to give an antique finish. You could also use the wax over the design! It looks beautiful…

DIY terracotta clay hanging planters

diy terracotta planters

I did two pot planters in two different designs. One, I’ve gifted it to my sister and other one decks my study table with some string plants.

How do you like it? Comment below…

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