This too shall pass…. echoes in my ear!! Never knew that a pandemic would bring us to a standstill….
Even the business continuity plan (BCP) that some of the organization had in place, haven’t worked out efficiently during such outbreak!

I keep wondering, why we don’t have well-developed BCP testing plans, considering how employees will work during a pandemic outbreak. Alright, no office until this gets over.

It’s time for us to act to contain the further spread of COVID – 19. Staying at home and maintaining social distance will help us to break the chain to stop the spread of Corona virus.

This country wide lock-down for 21 days reminisce the story of Noah and how he had spent his time with his family in the ark during the 40 days of flood. Now, we have got all technology and facilities to stay at home to keep ourselves and others safe! There are lots of people who have been working for us and it’s our prime responsibility to stay at home for them, for the Nation… It’s just a matter of time… I’m damn sure that we could overcome this together.

Besides, this 21 days lock-down gave us plenty of TIME…. Yeah, we have got a lot of things to do at home and now we have a plenty of time to do it in leisure… Okay… What for?

Here are 12 things you could do at home during this period…

  1. First and foremost, is to spend time with your family and loved ones.
  2. Clean out your closet.
  3. Cook a new dish for the day.
  4. Clean up your garden.
  5. Declutter your home.
  6. Play some Indoor games with your kids.
  7. Grab a Book and a cuppa of coffee.
  8. Pamper your skin with some DIY face packs.
  9. Do some DIY crafts.
  10. Keep yourself flexible with yoga stretches and learn to meditate for a while.
  11. Start your exercise regime.
  12. Watch your favorite movies in Netflix.

Day 5 ! We have made it to this far and we have a long way to go… Hopefully, we’ll find light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking at the daily stats of COVID-19 makes me so stressed and I’m frazzled! To keep myself strong and encouraging, I thought of doing some DIY crafts during this lockdown period. I loved Mat Hobi Craft’s artworks. In one of her intricate wall work, she used a sort of textured paste and stencils to create a beautiful design.  It’s overwhelmingly awesome!

Inspired by her exquisitely detailed wall art, I tried to refurbish an old coffee table. It’s been left untouched the moment we shifted our home.  With the limited supplies I had with me right now, I skipped the part of using textured paste…

how to refinish an old coffee table

Here’s how to refurbish an old coffee table…

how to refinish an old coffee table

How to refurbish an old coffee table

First, I used a sand paper to sand off the old table. After that, I applied a coat of chalk paint and allowed it to dry in-between coats…

how to refinish a coffee table rustic

Then, I used stencils to create pattern with chalk paint.

how to refinish an old coffee table

Finally, I finished it with metallic wax and chalk paint wax. Now, no one can say, it’s refurbished!

how to refinish an old coffee table

The old coffee table turned out to be a vintage settee and add elegance to my patio garden. With warm tea lights and flowers, it’s a comforting outdoor escape for this summer.

It’s so easy that you could create it on any old furniture at home! How did you like it? Do comment below…

Let’s stay safe and positive!! And, hope for a better, healthy tomorrow!

With luv,