Are you wondering how to do wall art decor using leaf paintings? This weekend, I’ve planned to complete two things on priority. One is the DIY – Photography backdrops and the other is the travelogue about our recent trip to Goa.

Day 3 – Creating wall decor using leaf painting art.

This is Part – 3 of our Bedroom Makeover.  Take a look at how we ended up creating gallery wall and lattice stencil wall art..

leaf art

I left the headboard space & side walls untouched to keep the space bright and distinguished from the gallery wall. Though, Lazz thought of adding two of our photographs that are most cherished from our post-wedding shoot on one corner of the side wall. So, I had to work on creating simple artwork for the headboard.  This is something I hadn’t considered until I saw this wall decal from Amazon.

Whenever I see wall decal products on the Amazon site, I always prefer to draw them. Later, I will end up buying it. 🙂 Check out this post to find out how I have decorated my home using wall decals. This time, I made sure to try it with paint!

how to make leaf stamp art

how to create a leaf stamp art

As I was flipping through my paintings, I came across two paintings with leaf painting art. The first one was a handmade greeting card as a gift for my friend and it didn’t happen. The other one was a trial art made to create some texture in fabric.  Yeah… this is what I need now. Let me grab some leaves from our garden and some paint. Thankfully, looking through the garden, I found Okra plant leaves. That’s the biggest one of all the plant leaves.

Leaf paintings or leaf imprinting art is so relaxing and enjoyable. You could have fun and chill a bit! You will feel the same way as you watch the video here.

It’s easier and less messy! We opted for a lighter and darker hue of grey for the design. Paint the leaf surface with the color of your choice and dab the excess paint using a sponge. Then, place it on the wall and firmly press the leaf with a cloth to even out the creases.  Remove the leaf carefully and repeat the same in other places. Then, paint the stems. It’s done!

how to create a leaf stamp art

As I didn’t want to update the light fixtures, I ordered a fabulous Moroccan lamp from Amazon. It was delivered rightly and it’s beautiful! It was hung to nestle against the corner accentuating the wall art and the two photographs.

Here is the complete makeover of our bedroom in Scandinavian interior design style!

Have you tried leaf painting art before? I’d love to hear from you all..  Thanks so much for reading!

With luv,