With my obsession to neutral tones and minimalistic décor, our bedroom interior mostly reminds us on Scandinavian design style renowned throughout Nordic countries.  If you love simplicity and minimalism, then go for Scandinavian style.

With simple decorative accents, you could bring out elegance and feel cozy!!

Scandinavian decor bedroom

This is the last in the series – Bedroom makeover on a budget.

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So, what are the changes we made in our room? How much does it cost?

cozy Scandinavian bedroom

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In eight, easy & simple ways you could bring in Scandinavian style to your interior within your budget!

  1. Choose the shade – When working with small interiors, we usually opt for neutral tones to keep the spaces bright. Our room is smaller one, so we picked grey hue for one wall and painted the side walls in white.  Neutral tones can create a depth and makes the small spaces free flowing. I remember choosing signal red shade for one of our bedroom and it didn’t feel good for me. If you don’t feel good for any color, then don’t go for it. We painted the room long back, almost a year ago. Thus, there’s no cost incurred on it!
  2. Create a gallery wall – They add coziness and personal style to the home. We created a gallery wall of our photographs and did a wall art using lattice stencil. We spent totally around 2K for the frames and photo prints. We bought it from here.
  3. Keep it clutter free – Clean up the space to declutter. Let the space breathe and free flowing! I’ve seen people stacking up everything in the lofts and corners of the room. You don’t need things, that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Giveaway things for the people who needs it! That’s how, I do while declutterring the closet. I ensure not to buy any dress until I give it away to someone. I still remember we had a box full of unused utensils kept in the loft. Mom, gave it away some to her friends and some to the needy.
  4. Add some rugs – Lay down some simple cool rugs. I prefer cotton rugs than high end carpets. I bought it from here and it serves the purpose. It’s easier to clean as well.
  5. Rework the soft furnishings – Give a transformation to old soft furnishings! Be it, a curtain or a bed linen, it’s time to change for a refreshing look. Let the sun shine in… Do not cover up the window spaces with dark colored dense curtains. It only blocks the light energy! When it comes to curtain, I prefer to buy cotton material online and sew it on my own. Trust me; I spent less than 500 Rs for these lovely curtains.
  6. Layer up the bedding – Layer up your bed space with some patterned cushions and throws for the warmth. We chose Bed linens from Spaces and they have got good collections. It’s worth the money and budget friendly!
  7. Light up your room – Keep the natural lights flowing in! I didn’t update any light fixture as we have a big window next to our bedspace. I love this Moroccan Lamp so much! It was delivered rightly and it’s beautiful! It was hung to nestle against the corner accentuating the wall art and the two photographs. You could add some tea light candles for some mood lighting. I chose the silvered grey color Lantern and love how they came out. I’ve placed a lantern with unscented pillar candles in the corner to accentuate vibrant mood.
  8. Add some indoor plants – Bring in some plants indoor to liven up the space. I’ve kept a snake plant in a vintage pail. Its 20 years old and been treasured for a long time. I’ve refurbished it with some chalk paints. I’ve kept the other vine plant in a handmade jute planter.

Scandinavian bedroom design ideas

We spent less than 7K to complete this Scandinavian style Bedroom makeover. Hope you all like it.

What is the feature you liked in our makeover?  Do let us know by commenting below..


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