It all started off as a simple do-it-yourself crafts with an idea of recycling empty bottles and we have come this far creating a patterned wall.

Day 2 – Creating wall art using lattice stencil.

This is going to be part – 2 of our Bedroom makeover on a budget. Here’s the link to Part 1 – How to create the perfect gallery wall.

I thought of adding an aesthetic feel to the room as well as a unique look for the gallery wall. When looking for a distinctive style, I instantly fell in love with PreethiPrabu’s Lancet arch designed wall.  I really loved her lattice worked lancet arch, a typical style of Gothic architecture.

It took me a while to source the lattice stencil and I’m glad that I found it in Amazon. They have it in different sizes. It was delivered to our home and it’s really awesome. It’s well designed and sturdy. I love it!

At first, the gallery wall was painted in grey shade and the other walls were painted in white for a Scandinavian interior style. Yeah, I’m so obsessed with the Grey color since childhood.  Anything in grey tone would be splendid to my eyes… When the purchase finished, mom and dad seemed to be on a fume high! I could literally hear them saying, “Oh! Again” with their look….

I wanted a contrast for the texture pattern, so I mixed different shades of grey color to create the textured pattern.

lattice stencils wall art

To begin with, use small pieces of painter’s tape around the edge of the stencil to hold it in place. Dab some metallic silver in the sponge and rub it along the lines.

DIY wall art

To create the texture, I used the sponge scrubber and gave some time to dry between different shades. Lastly, I peppered it with metallic silver shade for a glinting touch. Take a look at the video at my Youtube Channel.

DIY – Wall Art using Lattice Stencil

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To add an artistic finish, I used a white decal from here.

Take a look at how we ended up creating wall art with leaf imprints.. Here is the complete makeover of our bedroom in Scandinavian decor style!

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