The ‘Yacht of our Home’ gets its moment this year with a refreshing makeover! Yup, it’s the fast sailing vessel to a deep slumber in tranquility.  We have been working on remodeling our Bedroom and planned to work one thing at a time after our office hour.

how to create gallery wall

Day 1 – Creating a gallery wall

We figured out that the blank wall space is the first thing that needs transformation and creating a gallery wall would be perfect.

If you would like to add coziness and bring a style to your home, then create a gallery wall. Be it, with lovely photographs or a creative artwork, they add personal style and uniqueness to any empty wall space. As you stare at each photograph, it takes a walk down the memory lane.

The best thing is, eventually you could keep it growing and add more pictures!!

Here’s how to create a perfect gallery wall

  1. Choose the Frame – Choose a classic frame style for a unique look. We chose black and white frames in different sizes. We bought it from here. Always have one or two larger frames to serve as major focal point.

how to make a photo gallery wall

  1. Determine Layout style – Measure the wall space and then lay out all the frames on the ground & figure out the layout that you love the most. Create a lay-out style along the vertical line going down the centre of the wall, thus making a visual balance.
  1. Have the photos printed – Make sure to choose photographs that reflect happiness and memories to treasure. It should bring the empty space into light and narrate a story whenever you get to see it. Never choose a family portrait or religious pictures for Bedroom gallery wall. We chose some of the pictures from our post wedding shoot and some from our travel.

gallery wall

photo wall design

photo frame walls

  1. Hang Frames – Cut pieces of paper to trace the size of the frame and tape them on the wall by keeping an even distance of 2 to 3 inches. This will give you a feel of your layout. Always, use a level before nailing the frame. Be cautious to know electrical lines, when you’re nailing.

how to do a gallery wall

Take a look at how we ended up creating wall art with leaf imprints and lattice stencil wall art.. Here is the complete makeover of our bedroom in Scandinavian decor style!

How did you like it? Do let us know by commenting below!

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