Will drinking a cuppa of ginger and pepper infused water boosts immune system? My mom had been telling this since the COVID – 19 struck us… She’d been lured by my aunt over phone. However, at this time, it’s little comforting to the sore throat…

Chill out and take a little sip of it… Enjoy the evening!!

Absolutely, loving these colorful terracotta planters and think this could be the greatest makeover I’ve ever did! This vintage settee is such a great addition to our porch.

Last week’s rain has left its imprints in our Garden which made us a bit occupied with our garden clean-up activities. It’s been a year and our little garden has been giving us a satisfactory yield!

And, our little garden has been inviting people in the neighborhood as they find it enticing amidst the concrete jungle. We’re happy to know that it has inspired them to start one!!

how to create a terrace garden

Why did we create it?

  • To reduce the heat absorption – Besides having a small garden at the backyard, we created our terrace garden last year to have a green space that would reduce the amount of heat percolates the roof and to expand our gardening skill to other available spaces in our home.
  • For a self-sustained living It helped us during the times of flood and cyclone providing us the required veggies for more than 10 days. From then, we constantly kept it improving and making it better.

how to make a small terrace garden

  • For organic staples – Is there anyone who wouldn’t love chemical-free food? Especially, we love the organic greens!

So, here’s how to make a terrace garden on a budget…

What are the things to look into? How much does it cost? 8 things you must know on how to make a simple garden within your budget.

how to make a small terrace garden

  • Prepare your roof spaceCheck the roofing space whether it could hold the weight and have proper water proofing done. If it’s set in a right way, it won’t clog the ceiling. Likewise, check the water draining facilities as well. Ours drain into rain water harvesting chamber. We placed grow bags over cuddapah slabs to avoid water seepage and it costs around Rs. 2500 for 10 slabs.

how to make a terrace garden at home

    • Have a planThink, what you want to grow and create a plan accordingly. First, start with a few plants and then keep adding more to it. Make sure to include some space to store garden tools and saplings in your garden.  We bought our garden tools like trowel, sprayer through online. We created a trellis using bamboo stick for the climbers. It costs Rs. 800. We bought some of the seeds from Amazon and some native seeds through my Uncle from Tanjore. He has got a lovely garden at his hometown.


how to make a terrace garden

  • Choose the containersGrow bags has taken over the terracotta pots as its lighter than the other. However, it doesn’t last longer unlike other planters. You could also use repurposed paint buckets, water cans as planters. We spent around Rs. 1500 for a total of 22 bags in different dimensions. We used wooden reapers as frames around the rectangular bags to provide a support.

how to make a terrace vegetable garden

  • Select the potting mixWe used a mixture of coco peat, vermicompost and red soil as a potting mix. It doesn’t overload the ceiling roof. And, we ensure to change the soil once a year or when doing crop rotation on a regular basis. We spent around Rs. 2500 for ten 25kg bags of red soil, two 50kg bags of vermicompost and two coir blocks. Once the potting mix has been filled, leave the planters aside for a week and keep watering them regularly. It helps to release the heat from the vermicompost. Until then, do not plant anything.
  • Deal with pestsThe purpose of creating the garden is to bring chemical free food to the table, so we use only organic pesticides like neem oil, 3G (Ginger, Garlic & Green Chillies) potions to ward-off any pests. Besides, we believe in companion planting a lot and that has helped us to keep the pests at bay!
  • Go organicWe solely depend on panchagavya and jeevamrutham as manure to the plants. We use it once in 15 days to all plants.

how to make a terrace garden

  • Learn from your mistakes – There is no book on Earth would teach you better than your own mistakes! The lessons learnt will be a treasure for a lifetime. Eg:- Last year, when we began in March, it couldn’t withstand the hot weather during the summer. To top it all, the water scarcity has dried them up completely. Then, we replanted in late June. Now, we have divided the type of veggies that goes into our backyard garden and terrace garden.  So, that it doesn’t get dried up completely during April – May summer season.  And, we’re planning to bring in drip irrigation method. Hopefully, we could get this done once the lockdown gets over.

Interplanting flowering plants in both the gardens helps to attract more pollinators.
Take a look at this post on how to create a bee-friendly garden.

how to make a terrace garden in Chennai

how to make a terrace garden in Chennai

  • Explore – Keep exploring and learn to grow something new! We felt so happy when we harvested grapes, radishes, beetroots and corns for the first time. We never knew broccoli, lettuce, cabbage would grow well in Chennai hot weather.


Happy to share 🙂 We’ve been featured here in @humanswhogrowfood. Thank you team!!


Take a look at some of our harvest in the below link.

Utterly bitterly buttery gourd
Lets go berrying!!
Sunday Harvest – Greens Amaranthus
Sunday Harvest – Shallots & Ginger

We spent less than 8K to create our terrace garden. Hope, you could get some ideas to start your terrace garden. Do share your feedback in the comments!

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