When we bought seeds from here, the package had sweet corn seeds too. We were so excited, as we never had any experience growing corn.

Growing cornIt was our first try and we decided to grow it in grow bags in our terrace garden as the rodents kept burrowing in the ground spoiling the seedlings.  When the little Stuart is so hungry, he will uproot a lot of saplings and cut it into halves. His hobbit house beneath the widely spread Aloe Vera plant is undisturbed for years… He’s been busy expanding his clans by burrowing everywhere.

Basically, I don’t want to disrupt the ecosystem by killing it. So, left his hobbit house…

I kept three seeds per grow bag to see how it grows. Within a month, it grew to 3 Ft height and when it reached almost 5 Ft, it started to flower.  The first flower from the corn amused us, as well as the people in the neighborhood!  There were no major pests as we kept adding Panchakavya liquid every 2 weeks.

how to grow field corn

how to grow corn

So, how long it does it take to harvest corns? In 3 months, it will be ready for harvest. Keep checking the plant as and when the ear of the corn turns dark green and the silks turns brown, harvest it. We picked it early as we need baby corns. Each plant gave two corns.

when is corn harvested

, how long does it take for corn to sprout

 how long it takes to harvest corn

Cucumbers, beans and pumpkins are good companions that could be planted along with corn.

growing corn in India

After harvest, we shredded the dried plants to add it in our compost bins.

growing corn in grow bags

How to save seeds? So, whenever we buy corn from stores, we allow it to dry for a week and when the kernels are hardened, they are ready to sow.

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