Have you ever wondered on how to grow radish at home?

I did a lot of time whenever I get to see a pack of radish seeds in the plant nursery. I always thought that they grow well in cold climate. Indeed. They do thrive well in hot climate!

All they require a well-drained soil with temperate climate. I bought the seeds from nearby garden store. To start with, I prepared the raised bed with a mix of coco peat and vermicompost.

How to grow radish at home

how to grow radish at home

As the temperature is high here, I made a poly-house out of polythene sheets that would help them to survive the hot weather in Chennai. Inside the poly-house, the temperature is cold and only minimum amount of water is required to keep them moist. Besides, they are deterrent to pests. I had no clue, when the harvesting time would be. It’s better to harvest when the stalk emerges out of the soil. It took 40 days.

How to grow radish

Yield is not so bad, as this being the first attempt to grow radishes. The size of the stalk was so small, yet good and organic.

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