It’s weekend… With vibrant yellow cosmos surprises with its impeccable beauty and the bees buzzing around in the early sunshine, it makes my day… What a beautiful morning in the garden!!

How to create a bee-friendly garden?

Interplanting flowering plants among vegetable garden supports in many ways. They naturally help to attract pollinators and thereby increase the yield. Some of them act as a finest companion plant to ward off potential predators and pests.

Besides, it makes the garden look so colorful and more vibrant giving out positive vibes.…

list of plants that attract bees

So, how do they help?

Whenever there is a male plant in your garden, they help in pollination to produce more yields. Make sure to add some perennial flowering plants that bloom throughout the year. Keep observing the type of pollinators and notice which plants attracts more of them. I’ve seen my cucumber plant (Kakri variety) flowers buzzed with a lot of honey bees at all times.

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There are flowering plants like cosmos, lantana attracts more bees and butterflies.  Here are some of the flowering plants that can be grown easily and helps creating a bee-friendly garden.

easy ways to create a bee-friendly garden

  • Celosia – They are also known as wool flowers or cockscombs and can be grown easily from seeds. Each plant provides a lot of seeds that can be stored for years.

how to attract bees for pollination

  • Ixora – They attract lots of butterflies. They can be transplanted through runner cuttings.

how to attract bees and butterflies to your garden
how to create a bee friendly garden

  • Lantana – They are perennial shrubs and grow wildly. They can be grown easily from cuttings. If the main twig is tied to a stake and the branches been trimmed, it can be grown as a tree.

how to make a bee friendly garden

  • Chrysanthemum – The plant lasts a year and it’s a good companion plant.

flowers that attract honey bees

  • Portulacas – They can be grown from seeds or can be grown through cuttings. It flowers profusely throughout the season.
  • Colorful Roses – They add vibrant hues to the garden.

how to make a bee friendly garden

  • Marigold – They can be grown easily from seeds. They also act as a companion plant to deter pests like mealy bugs, aphids and grasshoppers.
  • Verbena – They come in varied colors and attract a lot of butterflies. They can be easily propagated through stem cuttings dipped in rooting hormone powder.

, How to start a flower garden

  • Pentas – The little trumpet shaped flower blooms in clusters and attracts more pollinators. They can be propagated through cuttings.

, How to start a flower garden

  • Rangoon Creeper – It’s a vine plant that blooms profusely in cluster. It looks great on the trellis. It’s our Indian type of wisteria plant!!

how can I attract bees to my garden

  • Vinca – The five petal flower grows wildly and can be easily spread through seeds dispersed from the tiny pods.

list of flowers that attract bees

  • Cosmos – Seeds can be collected and can be grown easily. Vibrant color flowers attract more bees and butterflies. Colorful bloom makes my day!!

, How to start a flower garden

  • Jasmine – They bloom abundantly in summer. The other variety blooms throughout the year. The fragrance smells heavenly and exotic!!


  • Rain Lilies When they bloom, it means monsoon rains are on the way… They are also known as nature’s weathercock to forecast rains. They can be propagated through bulbs.
  • Duranta plant – They attracts a lot of pollinators with tiny violet colored flowers.
  • Balsam flower – It’s a species of impatiens and comes in varied colors. And, they spread through the scattered seed pods.

Do you have a bee-friendly garden? What type of flowering plants you have in your garden to attract pollinators? Do comment below…

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