These vines have spread over trellis so profusely!!  With the lush green leaves and the tempting cucumbers, they add pleasant shade to the booming garden…

growing cucumber

We have two cucumber plants, one spread over the trellis and other on the ground. It gave a good yield than the plant we had it before.

growing cucumber

growing cucumbers in pots

Growing cucumber from seeds is easier than thought. If allowed to grow on the ground, it spreads so fast and covers the entire place… We have Kakri variety growing well in the grow bag in our terrace garden.

planting cucumbers

There were no major pests as we spray Panchakavya liquid once in two weeks.

If the plant doesn’t bear any fruit, then it could be due to pollination issue. Creating a bee-friendly garden helps to attract pollinators naturally.

trellis for cucumbers

Marigolds, sunflowers, corn, beans, onions, and radishes are good companion plants for cucumber.

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