Today is the first day of September and the first day of autumn! And, all the more, today is my nephew’s birthday.. Weekend is here for more fun!!

Ever since we moved into our new home, I wanted to spend some time with Roger and had been thought of taking him to Vet as his annual vaccinations are due. Today, I’ve planned to take him out to the Vet and to spend a little time with my sister to finish her craft work for a competition held in her office.

Before I leave for the day, let me quickly post my paintings. One stroke at a time!!

I’ve always loved Donna Dewberry’s one stroke painting techniques. She was my inspiration during my schooling’s to kick-start my fading passion on paintings. Yeah, I could hardly focus on paintings with the convincing school curriculum and board exams.

Sharing some of my paintings from my painting book, that’s been treasured after all these years.

one stroke painting how to

one stroke painting easy

one stroke paintings for beginners

one stroke painting designs

one stroke painting flowers

One stroke painting is easier to paint!! All you need is some acrylic colors and flat brushes. They can be painted on canvas, fabric and papers.

Hope you all like it!!  Enjoy your weekend…

With Luv,