Happy Monday to all…

I had a perfect week with Lazz helping me out in painting the wall to complete my Warli mural art. I’m half way through it and will post it here once completed.

As I was scrolling through the pages of my painting book to check out some of my Warli paintings, I found this Egyptian painting. An Ancient Egyptian art exclusively done on papyrus material!!

It reminisces on how this was painted in an overnight to gift it to my friend’s sister and it flew to US with the Client almost 7 years ago. This was my first painting that traveled afar with the US Client at office. She requested me to paint something different than usual pencil drawings and glass paintings.

Egyptian Painting

So, I did an Egyptian painting with acrylic colors. I used a light ochre colored handmade paper to give a resemblance of papyrus material.The picture came out well and received a lot of appreciation for my work!

This was a trial painting done in my painting book. Hope you all like it!!

With Luv,