After taking the blessings of Athisaya Manal Matha at Sokkan kudieruppu, we started to Pothakalanvilai.

We reached ThiruKalyana Matha (Our Lady of Holy Marriage) church around 2’0 clock. As we had packed our lunch from home, we thought to finish the lunch first and then visit the church as the kids might be hungry. We had our food in the premises of the church. Nine of us had a good pot lunch together!

ThiruKalyana Matha history in tamil

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Thirukalyana Matha shrine is a well-renowned church as people flock to the church from Nagercoil every month. Miraculous power of Thirukalyana Matha has created a wave among the people especially when the holy matrimony prayers were answered. As a fulfillment of their wishes, they offer saree and prayers to Thirukalyana Matha, which is a common belief here.

ThiruKalyana Matha church Pothakalanvilai

The north and south transept of the church adjoining the nave, is crowned by a cupola with beautifully painted Frescoes, to represent the life of Mary and Jesus from The Bible. An extension in the ground with coconut leaf thatch roofing covers the facade of the church.

ThiruKalyana Matha church

ThiruKalyana Matha photos

ThiruKalyana Matha Shrine

Around 3’o clock, we started to our next stop, Alanthalai.

Scenic Sacred Heart Grotto – Alanthalai

Sacred heart grotto shrine alanthalai

In 30 minutes drive, we reached Sacred Heart Grotto church. It’s also known as St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church.

alanthalai church

The picturesque Grotto of Sacred Heart Jesus welcomes everyone as you enter! The church facade connects to the Grotto and it is the most striking feature of the church.

alanthalai sacred heart church

alanthalai church history

It’s said to be built by St. Francis Xavier in the year 1545, with thatched roofing when he visited here. In 1938, it was rebuilt and then blessed by Bishop Roche. In 1928, the grotto was sculpted by Idaikattur, Manuel Pillai.

Our last stop for the day was Manapad. It’s 15 minutes’ drive from here.

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