Today, I’m sharing the second day of our trip in Pune. We went to oldest church in Pune besides some shopping. We started early as we had planned to go to some of the shopping places in the city.

St. Mary’s Church in Pune is the oldest Church in the Deccan region. It’s located at Sholapur Road in Pune. We boarded an auto from Pune Central and told the driver that we need to get down at St. Mary’s Church at Sholapur. We were on bread crumbs trail relying on Google Navigator. Sometimes, they help you at its best and sometimes, you’ll be lost nowhere. As Alice, we were completely lost and most of the people never knew the Church exists. An oldest renowned church remains unknown to the inhabitants is still a mystery!

st mary's church in pune

Auto-driver couldn’t figure out the place. He was just taking us to every streets of Sholapur Road. Finally, I told him “Bhaiya, we’re new to Pune. We know only the address of the Church”. Sometimes words can really do magic! He checked with every person who passed through the streets and finally dropped us at the Church around 11 AM.

st mary's church pune

st mary's church pune

The Church gave an aesthetic feeling as I entered in.  The place was noiseless and peaceful to the mind. Stained glass painted panels adds warmth and sits amidst the white walls. It was surrounded by trees which unfolds serenity amongst the traffic chaos. Besides, there were plenty of rose plants decked the pathways beautifully.

Half an hour later we started to Shaniwar Wada by an auto. It’s just 20 minutes’ drive from Sholapur.

To know more about our trip to Pune, Stay tuned! And to see even more of Pune, don’t miss to check out Pavana Lake and Lohagad Fort.

With Luv,