It drizzled at first. In few minutes, it turned into heavy rain. The rain pitter-pattered on the balcony roof.  An hour and a half rain had left the streets murky.  Sun peeked through the clouds that moved faster with the wind.  The dark clouds had gone and so the rain stopped for a while…

Though it foiled our last day plan to visit Kanyakumari before we board Kanyakumari express to reach Chennai, we decided to go to Kurusumalai – St. Thomas church.

Thirumoola Nagar Kurusumalai Nilappaarai st.thomas church

It’s a 10 mins drive from my cousin home. Kurusumalai – St. Thomas church is located in Nilappaarai, also called as Thirumoola Nagar.

Nilappaarai thomayar kovil

Nestled in the hills, the eight feet high statue of St.Thomas greets you, far from the hill!

kurusumalai thirumoola nagar

On the way to the church, I stopped by to take a look at the beauty of the colorful sprigs of bougainvillea! Do not attempt to pluck the flowers and you’ll end up in utter dismay..

Thirumoola Nagar Kurusumalai

The flight of the stairs at the foothill gives way to the grotto of St. Thomas creating a beautiful holiness of the church.  As you climb, there’s another grotto of St.Thomas carved in the rock caves stands sublimely and you could only hear the whizzing sound of the wind rustling in the rock.

Kurusumalai st.thomas church

Fret not, climb more, the view from the top of the hill is so mesmerizing!!

Thirumoola Nagar Kurusumalai


And, we were able to see the tall wind turbines in Punniyavalanpuram and the hazy glimpse of 133 Ft high statue of Thiruvalluvar, far across the floating dark clouds, miles away… The wind blew harder and harder that it buzzes in the ears. We didn’t spend much time as there were lot of monkeys started trailing behind us. The hilly terrain has become an abode for lots of monkeys around.

Nilappaarai Kurusumalai

The locals frequent here as they find solace in the solitude of the hill. At the foothill, a community hall was constructed for feast & other celebrations. I remember being there for my Cousin Baptism celebration. It was fun being around with people you love…

Take a look at our first day trip which went on church hopping spree, The Church of Our Lady of Velankanni at Punniyavalanpuram, Selva Matha Church and St. Antony’s Shrine at Uvari, Athisaya Manal Matha Church at Sokkan kudieruppu, ThiruKalyana Matha Shrine at Pothakalanvilai and Sacred Heart Grotto at Alanthalai, and Holy Cross Church at  Manapad.

Our second day trip to Padmanabhapuram Palace, Mathur Thottipalam and the silvery Thirparappu waterfalls was filled with more of fun and laughter.

With that, we bid adieu to Kanyakumari and boarded our return trip to Chennai.

Here’s our 3 Days Kanyakumari Itinerary to plan your trip efficiently !

With luv,