A veil of dark clouds covered Thirparappu waterfalls as we reached it. It’s a 10 minutes’ drive from Thottipalam. It’s 21 km from Padmanabhapuram Palace.

mathoor Thottipalam, Thottipalam, thirparappu waterfalls, thirparappu water falls, thirparappu falls

The laneways are crowded with buses and cars which settle that there’s no parking lot available. After some frantic scouring, we found a place to park our car. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a place to dine too.  If it hadn’t rained in Mathur Aqueduct, we would’ve had our lunch there. Finally, we had our lunch in the car with two of us serving it to others.

mathoor Thottipalam, Thottipalam, thirparappu waterfalls, thirparappu water falls, thirparappu falls

A lot of us would love to see and go near the waterfall …. A trip to Kanyakumari isn’t complete without taking a dip in these roaring waterfalls.

Thirparappu waterfall is a man-made waterfall, formed on the Kodayar river, which takes an abrupt 50 Ft drop. With the fall’s edge shaped with rocks, makes it look natural.

As you walk through the not-so-long roads to get your tickets, a distant echo of gushing waters falling down makes you electrified. The sun glints over the silvery waterfalls and the beautifully landscaped park stretches before us!

mathoor Thottipalam, Thottipalam, thirparappu waterfalls, thirparappu water falls, thirparappu falls

mathoor Thottipalam, Thottipalam, thirparappu waterfalls, thirparappu water falls, thirparappu falls

As you get closer, the fine mist hanging in the air touches you! It made the kids excited. The cold plummeting waterfall gave a warm head massage and crashed over the body with its sudden thunderous splash. With the sun peeking through intermittently soothes your skin and racing out, to and fro, to gulp the air, is a sheer joy and gives a sense of relaxation. We spent almost an hour and a half relaxing in the waterfalls.

 thirparappu waterfalls, thirparappu water falls, thirparappu falls

The place is maintained cleanly and has a secluded place for a bath. There are changing rooms available and it will be crowded as always. I couldn’t comprehend how people expect you to be back in two minutes like Maggi noodles. 🙁

Boating is available in an endless expanse of the backwaters of the river. As it’s almost 3’o clock, we decided to head to Sothavilai Beach, which is approx. 50 Km from here.

Seek solace in Solitude at Chothavilai Beach:

You can finish the day by watching the sunset at the beaches of Chothavilai.

chothavilai beach

We took the Kulasekharam Thuckalay road and headed directly to Chothavilai Beach.  By the time we reached there, it was almost 6’o clock and it started to drizzle again. We missed the sunset. 🙁

chothavilai beach kanyakumari

The beach looks desolate without many tourists flocking here and inhabited by one or two locals in the evening.  It’s not recommended for solo travelers as our driver urged us not to lurk around alone and asked us to stay in a group. After such warnings, even the glares of fisher folks and locals might bother you immensely.

The beaches along the shoreline of Chothavilai, be it Sanguthurai or Muttam, are definitely not recommended for swimming. The high waves might give you nightmares! My aunt and I had to literally scream at Lazz to step back. Do not take chances to jeopardize your life…

chothavilai beach near nagercoil

‘Akka, it’s a male sea,’ my cousin whispered into my ear in a mystique tone. There’s an old adage common in the folklore here, ‘Male Sea clamors while the female sea remains calm’.

This place was restored after Tsunami struck in 2004. Though there’s an uncertainty lies in its tranquility, the beach is intimidatingly beautiful with a bleak long promenade! It looks unsoiled like private beaches and you could savor a few hours of solitude.

kanyakumari to sothavilai beach distance

sanguthurai beach

At dusk, we started along the coastal line to see Sanguthurai and Muttom beaches.

There’s no public transportation available in this place.

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