Have you felt like falling down without actually falling? That’s how I felt when I walked over the bridge.

We’re in the most renowned hanging bridge of South Asia, situated in Kalkulam taluk of Kanyakumari.  The natives call it as ‘Thottipalam’. Mathur Aqueduct or Mathoor Thottipalam is 13 km from Padmanabhapuram Palace, hardly a 30 minutes’ drive.

Mathoor Thottipalam or Mathoor aqueduct

The foot hills of Western Ghats blanketed with lush greeneries and with thriving coconut trees on the banks of Parazhiyar which flows down the bridge majestically, make it picturesque! As I gaze endlessly into the horizon, my mind makes the connection instantly with the dark clouded trees of Amazon Forests.

Mathoor Thottipalam or Mathoor aqueduct
Take it slow, breathe and look far at the mesmerizing beauty of the place… It’s exhilarating and breathtakingly awesome!! 🙂

Reminiscing our childhood days in Nagercoil, I’ve friends who would eagerly ask about the hanging bridge. I kept wondering why I’ve not seen it so far. Add Mathoor Thottipalam or Mathoor Aqueduct in your itinerary, it is one of the top things to do in Kanyakumari. Do not miss it!!

Thottipalam nagercoil

It’s the longest and tallest trough in Asia. It was constructed over Parazhiyar in 1969 during the period of Hon. CM Kamarajar of Tamilnadu to resolve water problem and carry water for irrigation across the hill. The concrete bridge is 1240 Ft. long and 101 Ft. tall supported by 28 pillars.

We drive through the road passing to the uppermost of aqueduct and it gets difficult to park the car as there was no parking available. Lazz went to get the tickets, but I’m distracted by the laneway shops filled with eatables. You could pick pineapples, water apples at a much cheaper rate!

how to reach Mathur Thottipalam

As we walked through the bridge, we had to hold kids hand to keep them close to us, as the bridge guard railings are widespread and some of them were broken. In few steps, we saw the canal filled with all possible trashes and there was no water flowing in it. It’s so disappointing!! We were disheartened to see that it wasn’t maintained well. In the mid-way, my aunt suddenly felt giddy and we had to quickly move to the abutment. We all had some lemonade in a shop at the other end of the bridge.  From there, you could take the stairs to go down the bridge!

There’s another road passing through the foot of aqueduct where the river flows down the bridge… You could see people bathing in the murky river water. The dark clouds had come down and it started to drizzle, we decided to head to Thirparappu Waterfalls.

Mathoor Thottipalam is the favorite weekend retreat from Nagercoil for locals. Go early to take off from the rabble!

Mathoor Thottipalam or Mathur hanging bridge kanyakumari

It’s better to take the glimpse of the beauty of hanging bridge from the foot, if you’re acrophobic or on vertigo ailments.

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