It’s a blissful weekend. Yup! After a hardcore week at office, doing artwork on weekend will make you feel better.

I prefer to create artwork from the left-over supplies. Typically, I don’t stock-up too many materials. I buy, what is required to do. So, I was looking at the left-overs of the art supplies. I have a pack of white cement and ceramic powder which I used for doing wall mural.

I’m so inclined to do more of garden projects and stepping stones sparked my mind.. Making your own garden stepping stones add a charm to the thriving garden.

Here’s how to make stepping stones using concrete mix.

how to make stepping stones

What you’ll need:

  • Cement – 2 kg
  • White Cement – 1 kg pack
  • Ceramic powder – 1 kg pack
  • Water to mix
  • Large Leaf of a plant
  • Old Newspapers
  • Ladle

How to do:

Mix cement, white cement, ceramic powder and water in a bowl or shallow pan.

garden stepping stones diy

Keep stirring until you get the consistency of idly batter. Make sure to stir the mix to avoid quick setting. Now, place the leaf facing down on the newspaper. Pour in the mix on the leaf using a ladle. Ensure that the mix is pressed on the leaf to get the imprint of veins. Though white cement will help to quick set the concrete mix, it’s better to allow it to dry for a day!

garden stepping stones diy

stepping stone concrete

stepping stone concrete

On the second day, try to remove the leaf mold. Constantly, shower the stone with water to avoid any breakage. On the third day, you can place it in your garden, wherever you would like to use as stepping stone.

This is a great addition to my garden! And my pet loves to jump over it…

With Luv,